Why sell with us?

We currently provide dungarvan and west waterford's leading B2C Marketplace, and, by selling with us, customers will associate this website with supporting the local economy and will come to this website and potentially your store without the need for marketing, meaning increased profit margins.

7-day free trial and 30 day moneyback guarantee

When You sell with us on our website, you start off at no cost, ypu get to try the website for free for 7 days, AND if you dont like it we will refund you your 1st months subscription if the request is made within 30 days of the inital payment, so, if you keep going without pausing, 37 days after the beginning of the free trial

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Much more than a website

Not only do we provide you with a website, we also offer a suite of comprehensive and integrated additional services such as SMM, Inventory manzgement, online chat services, marketing, product consulting, etc, etc...

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Local customer base

Seller on our website sell primarily to customers within county waterford and ireland in general, this means lower shipping costs, thus, more money devoted to sales and closer relations with your customers

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Economies of scale

As contradictory as it may seem, selling on this local website can-and does- save our current customers money- and yours too, hopefully- Because by putting as many local businesses together on a single platform, we manage to save money on hosting, domains, apps, extensions, credit card fees... etc,etc...

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Do you need something a little bit different?

Don't want to sell here, or maybe you want more customisation options?

Fill in the form below to contact our team and we'll get back to you to discuss a website that really is your very own website and that exudes your brand.

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Zero startup costs

When we provide you with a website, we do not charge you for the build, it's free, in exchange, you pay a fee every month wich allows us to pay for website upkeep, domain, credit card apps,-??? idk what to say

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A stronger connection with your customers

Since our website targets primarily local and ultra-local customer, you can give them the adress to your brick and mortar shop and help them find you, driving more in-shop sales.

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Book your free demo of suirly today!

You can book a free demo of our services and what we offer trough calendly. click below to learn more.

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